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Florian Golay + Fred Guillaud + Mario Perez B

This vacation home is one of the first to be constructed in a development of Bourg d'Oisans whose characteristic, besides the impressive relation with the surrounding landscape, is to reinvent the urban form, specificity of this type of development. The overall plan of the new district imposes that the houses should be aligned on the limits of the lot and suggests to adopt a "front yard" organization, animating a true urban facade.
Organized on 2 levels, the volume of the house affirms the role of its 2 main facades: the one on the street has a clear vocation of welcoming and access, the other one on the garden absorbs the landscape and extends the living space to the outdoors. The distribution of the different areas and the independent vertical circulation offer the possibility of using the house in a "family configuration" or to rent the upstairs as an independant apartment thanks to the versatility of its largest room. This room has a terrace bounded by the notch in the roof, notch who claims with the garage/porch the ambiguous figure of this apparently simple volume. If the architectural proposal is based on the template of the neighboring farms, we blithely cut this reference introducing contemporary nuances through large skylights that make the roof porous to the great landscape.
Fully isolated from the outside, the house reached the level of thermic performance "BBC" and ships equipment such as a double-flow ventilation and heating exchanger on groundwater.

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