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WMA Architects - Terrassa School Enxaneta| Click on Image |

Extension for a Primary School - Enxaneta
WMA - Willy Muller Arhitects

The building is a result of the integration of PREINDUSTRIALIZIED MODULES, both width and lengthwise. Already imposed from the beginning of the project, the dimensions are stipulated by this modulation. Research into the MAXIMUM STANDARTIZATION of the project’s elements was made. Although the prefabricated modules were used, there is a SHIFT in the location of these modules. This is a singularity of the school. The quality of the composition comes from the richness of the double heights in the circulation spaces. The resulting building is rectangular in shape. The school is organized with the location of the infant program on the ground floor and splitting the primary school between the first and the second floors. The infant classrooms have their own exterior zone. It is a compact building that is integrated better into its CONTEXT than the extension of the existing school. The school is North-South orientated. The priority was to orient the classrooms Southerly. They are protected with slats and make use of cross-ventilation.

The construction was completed in only 3 MONTHS, in a time when the school was closed for holidays. This school, already imposed by the project, was based on a MODULAR SYSTEM that reduces COSTS and shortens TIME of the initial operation. As prefabricated elements are used, the time of construction is reduced because the modules are fabricated in a WORKSHOP and assembled directly with a crane. At the end of its serviceable life, it can be totally DISASSEMBLED.

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