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Quarcs - Architectural Syncronized Network- Europan11 - Monthey - Switzerland| Click on Image |

Florian Golay, Fred Guillaud, Mario Perez Botero, Cécile Léonardi, Jorge Torres

Located on the left bank of the Rhône, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, about twenty kilometers away from the shores of the Lac Léman and the French border, Monthey is the most important economic center in the Chablais region. Marked by a long industrial history, Monthey is now looking for consolidating its economic vocation by diversifying it by hosting high value-added activities and employments, a way of resisting against the pressure for « 100% residential » and the absorption of the demographic growth in the nearby Riviera. The redevelopment of the former Giovanola industrial site stands at the junction of two majors strategies for the future of Monthey and the entire Chablais urban area: this site has to host a new economic lung matching the scale of this inter-cantonal territory, and it also has to become the urban joint that would efficiently link together the territory's different. On that site, Monthey is shuffling again the cards of its economic future as well as those of its future forms of mobility. A new offer in mobility can become a prime argument for the establishment of enterprises that build their own future on environmentally friendly strategies (transportation for people and goods).

The strategy intends to:
- Host new activities originating from the economic dynamism of the Chablais territory, or which want to benefit from it.
- Promote new ways of working, notably by creating, for the potentially establishing enterprises, the gradual conditions of withdrawal from road dependent means of transportation for people and goods.
- Accompany the emergence of environmentally friendly ways of urban life, by diversifying the Monthey offer in matters of equipments, services, housing and by intensifying the uses of the public spaces that link these programmatic entities together.
Each phase of the global strategy rests on an urban-architectural apparatus that is based on some economies of means, an apparatus which provides with the possibility of making very quickly operational the urbanization of the Giovanola site, allowing many different public or private agents to get involved.

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