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Embracing Towers - Mexico DF
WMA - Willy Muller Arhitects

We use the argument of the cactus as a reference building that can be used commercially, but it suggests a way to cope with the high diverting attention from the arguments just heighten the sense of verticality and replacing them with those who fall, and help us to balance it with lower and horizontal elements, such as horizontal windows and connectors.
The apartment program of the 2 towers is traditional distribution models with a chance of typological variation.
The esthetic image opts for a conceptual separation walls and end caps, glass and concrete, an image that brings a classic modern look, which is well accepted by customers of upscale homes.
Movements cause the 2 buildings with the respective volumes that together, like a hug between the towers, creating conditions for sculpture, and unique piece of a project as we understand that brand is looking for.




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