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Flower Marker - Barcelona
WMA - Willy Muller Arhitects

The New Flower Market of Mercabarna is an industrial and facilities building. The project of the Central Market maintains in its exterior facade the archetypal image of the TRADITIONAL MARKETS, in which the ROOF turns into the real protagonist.The functional program establishes a market divided into three different sectors: one of the Flower, one of the Plant and one of the Accessory. Each sector has its own technical specifications and its own space differing from the rest. Once the sequence of spaces, which organize and distribute the market into different sectors are established, the building expresses in its exterior the continued image of an industrial warehouse, in which the commercial or industrial activities are developed, but with the deliberate intention to convert it into an ICONIC REFERENCE. A reference of not only a productive sector but also of that from the urban point of view, subject to its proximity to the highway – Axis Gran Via. Thus, the facade of the building is represented in the same way as the high roads laid around.




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