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Dream City - Dominican Republic
WMA - Willy Muller Arhitects

DREAM CITY, meeting point of VIP customers, in search of the rare and exclusive product, an oasis in truly unique past of the world.
A major project of the Western Northern zone, near Montecristi, city where time seems to have stopped, solidifying the wood houses and its inhabitants in a “offbeat” environment, appearing for from modern concerns.
DREAM CITY is characterized by the exceptional natural quality of the site, surrounded by remarkable and unique ecological specificities in the Dominican Republic: a hot and dry climate, a particular vegetation, a characteristic fauna and flora, an incredible ecological purity. It is one of the unique areas of the Caribbean, which since 1871 has never This most unique place in the Caribbean which will be reminiscent of Porto Cervo (Sardinia) or of St Bartholomew, with privacy and security still unknown in Dominican Republic.
DREAM CITY will offer to VIP customers, products and services making of the project one of world market leader.
DREAM CITY, is first of all an unique site by its situation, its dimension, its beauty and the variety of its landscapes. The white sand beaches extend as far as the eye can see, the rock cliffs slope into the ocean, and the corals animate crystalline water. After unforgettable sunsets, enjoy the soft enbracingcoolness of the nights… Here, everything contributes to the splenderness of the vieuws and the wakening of the senses…

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