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Coomeva Modular Building- Colombia
Mario Perez Botero + Fred Guillaud + Jorge Tovar

As part of the policy of expanding COOMEVA EPS, which as Entity Provider of Health Services, seeks to design a new type of buildings that represents the im- age and values of the company, besides being more efficient, ecological, industrialized and modular.
It proposes a building with a very urban character for both large and small cities, which offers a great ca- pacity for adaptability and flexibility according to the specific needs of each place, with a clear volumetric and functional forms, materials and high quality fin- ishes and industrialized countries, meets the high- est standards in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, space and light.
The building generates quality urban spaces, both public and private, giving the possibility of multiple implementations that respond appropriately to each environment. As for the internal operation and pro- gramming, ensuring the proper zoning, around a core audience and waiting area, where two areas are linked, a patient and administrative and other servic- es, thus controlling the correct flow management and internal circulation.

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