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Canals House - Costa Brava
WMA - Willy Muller Arhitects

THE HOUSE IS A SECTION, a struggle between the slope of the plot and the norms, with the result in a tie between the open and closed zones and with the expressed desire to exaggerate the shift between levels and the continuity of the mobility between them.The project is developed from the idea of a structural facade of concrete that accompanies a route inside the house, standing, going up, passing...going from one place to another, enjoying the view of pines and the sea typical of the Costa Brava.This MONOLITHIC VOLUME is supported in three facades: those of the lateral and of the street, and is suspended from the interior of the plot, above the swimming-pool, as an observer towards the best views. The resulting interior space is defined more delicately, organizing the program according to levels: common spaces, restricted spaces and the viewing studio.




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