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16 Housing fot Students - Tours - France
Atelier RVL + Fred Guillaud + Mario Perez Botero

This project is divided in 2 parts: in one hand the refur- bishment of a "bourgeoise" house into 9 apartments for students and on the other hand a contemporary volume, hanged on a blind wall, containing 7 small housings for the rent. The initial program was fore- seeing between 10 and 12 units. The parasitic con- structions placed in court are destroyed in order to construct a new building more functional that contains 7 apartments of 20 m2. A subtle relation is established between the architecture of the 19th century and a contemporary architecture that develops in different levels. In order to value the "bourgeoise" house, 7 new housings colonize the blind wall, transforming it in a new urban front towards Franklin Roosevelt and in an abstract bottom that underlines the silhouette of the house.




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