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Sicmo VR House - Bolivar - Colombia
Competition 1st. Prize
Mario Perez Botero + Fred Guillaud + Daniel Camelo

The goal of the competition was to design a transportable low budget rural house to rehouse 2500 families affected by the natural catastrophes that occurred in the state of Bolívar, Colombia. The shape of the house is based on a traditional indigenous architecture. The shape and the inclination of the roof protects from the rain and strong sunlight. An opening at the top of the roof allows better air circulation by thermo siphon effect and a natural overhead lighting. In addition, the patterns in the facades reinterpret the designs of the Caribbean crafts, especially those of the "vueltaios" (traditional hat), seeking to make the house a symbol of balance between modernity, ecology and traditions. These patterns are drilled on wood and fibrocement panels. They ensure the ventilation of the interior spaces, preserving the privacy and controlling external light.

The house has 36 m2 and is composed by 2 structural modules, slightly displaced, creating 2 covered outdoor areas. The first serves as a porch, it is the social space. The second, located on the back of the house, is the technical area where are the water tank and washing area. The interior is organized around the wet block. The kitchen is the continuation of the living room, 2 bedrooms situated towards the rear of the house. In order to save money, the steel structure is left exposed. Each resident may, through a series of small furniture (shelves etc.) organize the different spaces. The use of local handcraft textiles can also decorate the walls and ceilings.

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