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Sevilla Library - Sevilla - Spain
Mario Perez Botero + Fred Guillaud

Following the irregular shape of the lot, the building lines up to both streets and with the limit of the Spanish-American School of Studies (EEHA), in which he finds a propitious space to open a front towards his gardens. Acting like a backdrop, the building generates flows, activities and regenerates a green space that today is useless, by the way integrated in the sequence of green and public spaces of Seville.
The facade appears as a surface made of homogeneous and texturized panels which protects the interior space from the direct sun, and simultaneously provides expressiveness. The perforations in the panels draw a sequence of names of the Spanish writers, generating a clear identification of the cultural character of the building. The point of confluence of the 2 streets presents the more urban interactions. The project seeks here to revitalize and to contribute to its dynamism, interacting with the flows and tensions between the pedestrian's traffic, the gardens of the EEHA and the interior of the library. At this point, the facade loses part of his homogeneity and solidity to the over-expose the bookshop and cafeteria, inviting the people to enter the exhibition




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